Engage your clubs in a whole new way

Quickly create, manage, and present clubs that are as easy to create as they are beautiful to present

Current Pricing (Until July 31, 2024): $50/month per chapter

Future Pricing (Starting August 1, 2024): $200/month per chapter

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Next-Gen Club Management

Discover the Future – Simplify your Clubs

Offline Mode

Present your club content even when you don’t have an internet connection. Videos, slides, and review games are all available offline

Curriculum Catalog

Explore all of the curriculum available through the app. If you find something you like then add it to your library. The catalog includes Good News Club, 5-Day Club, and Party Clubs curriculum.

User Management

Invite and manage the team members that help teach at your clubs. This will allow them to prepare for their upcoming clubs.

Club Profiles

Create and add important details for each club. Track information about club location, primary contact, length of club, and other important details.

Presentation Mode

Use the app to present the content of your club just like PowerPoint.

Lesson Planner

Coordinators are able to use the lesson planner to assign team members to specific activities within a club. This will allow the team members to know what they need to prepare to teach.

CEF+ Platform

  • Immediate access to full catalog
  • Easily assign activities to team members
  • Manage all of your clubs in one place
  • Offline mode for areas with spotty internet connections
  • Simple user management
  • And much more…

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